12 Benefits of Having a Cat
12 Benefits of Having a Cat

Having a cat is one of the greatest joys in life. They are just so adorable and loving. If you are thinking about adding a kitty to your family, then this article is for you! Keep reading to learn more about why you should adopt a cat as opposed to getting a new puppy or kitten. Why Would You Want A Cat? Here are Some Great Reasons: ENDURING – Cats have been around for millions of years. They aren’t going anywhere, which means they will be around for a long time. They make excellent companions because they don’t require much attention from you other than feeding them and taking them for walks every day. Cats will also not get lonely if yours dies since there are plenty of other cats that live nearby. CHEERFUL – Cats have wonderful personalities and make excellent companionship animals as well as pets. COZY – Your home will feel much more peaceful once you add a cat to your family. They purr whenever they’re happy and love lying around all day playing with yarn and string toys or batting at feathery balls of yarn hanging from the ceiling or wherever they can get them. You’ll also feel less stressed after they’ve left your presence since they don’t like being held or petted when they first meet people except for their friends who come over often to play with them…and that’s it! CATS ARE FUN – Unlike dogs, cats don

10 Benefits of Having A Cat In Your Home

Grow herbs in a cat-friendly pot. Having a cat in your home is a great way to grow herbs that don’t require a lot of attention. You can also use these herbs in recipes or add them to your food. Cats are great pest controllers. If you have a home that’s prone to pests, cats can help keep them under control. Cats also help keep you fit and healthy. They’re great for lowering stress and are considered to be good for your mental health too. They’re great for helping with depression and anxiety. Cats are great for anyone with a heart condition or any other chronic illness since they have no impact on your health at all.

12 Benefits of Having a Cat
12 Benefits of Having a Cat

Cats are great pest controllers

If you have a home that’s prone to pests, then adding a cat to your family is a great idea. Cats are great pest controllers because they are territorial. They will mark their territory by spraying the inside and outside of their box with a pheromone. This will repel all pests so they can live in a cleaner environment.

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